It’s time for some Halloween DIY


Last year’s (poorly photographed) pumpkin.

Halloween is just a few days away, and it’s time to get down to business. I consider myself a rather creative person and like to put my own touch on the holidays. This weekend will be spent craftily-carving pumpkins (with the help of some pro templates and tips from domestic goddess Martha Stewart), creating a costume (with the help of Pinterest), and  whipping up some homemade candies and treats for family and friends (with the help of too many resources to list)!

As a member of the Millenial generation, I live by the notion that there’s no question Google can’t answer. My browser is bookmarked with blogs about knitting, food, art, beauty, etc. One of my most-frequented sites is Food52, a food community founded by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs. This week when their Digest email showed up in my inbox with a recipe for homemade peanut butter cups, all willpower against Halloween candy vanished.


Thanks to Food52, I made my own Cronut-holes over the summer.

One of my favorite things about creating is the challenge to do it myself. There’s nothing more empowering than seeing a great dessert in a bakery case, or a trendy scarf on a mannequin and thinking, “I could totally make that,” and then actually doing it! So this weekend I will be challenging myself to create the most coveted of all Halloween candy (at least in my haul), the peanut butter cup.

This week, I spent a day checking out several grocery retailers for an upcoming GHQ story. One similarity that I was pleased to see in all the stores I visited was a robust and attractive holiday baking display. This time of year, most of my trips to the grocery store are for items in these displays so it always thrills me to see what I need in an attractively merchandised spot. Maybe I’ll stumble upon a chocolate peanut butter cup-ready display this weekend! Stay tuned…

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