PMA: Clear Lam Packaging Introduces Two Lid Systems for PrimaPak

Clear Lam Packaging will be featuring its new packaging technologies and advancements designed for processors and retailers of fresh produce including:

PrimaPak Technology: This product line replaces rigid preformed packaging and now offers increased rigidity plus two styles of reclosable systems:

  • Peel and ReSeal Lid: The PrimaPak rollstock includes the Peel and ReSeal lid that opens easily and reseals itself to the package with a light touch. The Peel and ReSeal lid is recommended for select fresh cut produce, dried fruits, nuts and other food products with little to no particulates.
  • Formed Semi-Rigid Snap Lid: Formed on PrimaPak equipment from custom PrimaPak rollstock, this technology creates a hinged lid that snaps down tight when resealed. Consumers from recent focus group testing found the lid to be easier to close than a zippered lock closure. The snap lid was developed to handle products with a lot of particulate. Applications include fresh cut produce, salad toppings, powders, spices and other products with heavy particulate.

Both lid styles deliver closure systems that are intuitive and easy to open and close for multi-serve occasions.

The PrimaPak package is a flexible package produced from custom rollstock on a PrimaPak vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machine with a proprietary secondary operation. Designed as a replacement for rigid cans, bottles, trays jars and select flexible packaging the PrimaPak package is lightweight, stackable and merchandises on six sides. As a result, the PrimaPak technology reduces the package cube up to 30 percent or more, maximizes manufacturing efficiencies, and improves warehousing space and transportation demands. Each benefit offers multiple opportunities to achieve measurable cost savings and sustainability improvements throughout the supply chain.

Clear Lam has invested extensively in the development of these new packaging designs and equipment that offer CPG brand owners, processors and manufacturers a fully integrated, end-to-end packaging solution. The PrimaPak technology will support corporate sustainability efforts, the need to improve merchandising, and deliver a better package to retailers and consumers.

  • New Commercial Launches of Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film: Clear Lam launched new Peel and ReSeal lidding film products with Country Fresh, Ready Pac Foods and Pure Pacific Organics. The new materials eliminated a rigid thermoformed lid, shrink band, and printed paper label. The films are designed to seal to existing polyester containers used to package fresh produce, snack foods and ready-to-eat items.
  • Snap Apart Multipack Packaging: To meet growing demand from health-conscious consumers seeking multi-packs of single-portion servings, Clear Lam produces rigid rollstock for a snap-apart package that typically is marketed within traditional retail and club store channels. Produced in Clear Lam’s Forming Films division, the new rollstock is designed for horizontal form-fill-seal (FFS) equipment and can be produced with traditional petroleum-based resin or with bio-based materials. To achieve consistent snap-apart strength, Clear Lam enhances the rollstock with compounded additives produced by its CL Polymers Division. Clear Lam works closely with processors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the unique needs of each application are met.
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