PMA: Gator Eggs Hatch in Time for Fresh Summit

Gator Egg - closed_wLogo copyWhen Dr. Seuss talked fancifully about green eggs and ham, he never would have imagined the green eggs that Shanley Farms will debut at PMA Fresh Summit 2013.

The newest addition to the avocado family is the Gator Egg, a single-serving avocado whose moniker is derived from the avocado’s old-time nickname – alligator pear.

Only a bit larger than a regular egg, each Gator Egg provides about a third of a cup of fresh, smooth avocado – just the right amount for garnishing one sandwich or one salad or spreading on one slice of toast. No mess, no waste, and best of all, no leftovers turning brown in the refrigerator.

Gator Eggs will be available in six-packs of size 84 avocados packaged in a carton similar to a half-dozen eggs. Shanley Farms will introduce them to buyers at Fresh Summit 2013, and will be available for shipping beginning in December.

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