PMA: Ruby Fresh Debuts Jewels

1992051381883001638Ruby Fresh will be debuting its sweet and tangy pomegranate arils, Ruby Fresh Jewels. Packaged in a convenient, 4-ounce cup with a resealable lid, Ruby Fresh Jewels’ handy single serving size cups make for a easy-to-eat snack.

Customers can enjoy this healthy treat straight out of the container or add them to their favorite yogurt or breakfast cereal; the resealable lid means they can even save some for later. The new Ruby Fresh Jewels can be previewed both in the New Products Showcase aisle and at Ruby Fresh’s booth.

And as if that wasn’t enough big news from Ruby Fresh, the company will also be showing its brand new 3.5-ounce size Salad Jewels packaging. An Impact Award Finalist at this year’s show, this new single serving size has already been well received by retailers and customers alike.

“We are so incredibly excited to be releasing not one, but two new products at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit,” says Jason Hall, owner. “The Ruby Fresh Jewels’ on-the-go packaging will be such a hit with both kids and adults alike, while the positive response to our Salad Jewels line — specifically the new smaller size — continues to be overwhelming.”

Ruby Fresh invites you to toast to these two new products at the Rudy Fresh booth, where they’ll be serving Ruby Fresh arils dancing in sweet champagne. Retailers and consumers can also visit Ruby Fresh’s newly designed website at for more information on their full product line.

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