Almondina, Makers of “The Delicious Cookie Without The Guilt!”, Introduce Toastees

Almondina-Toastees-Coconut-Ingredients (2)From Almondina Brand Biscuits, “The Delicious Cookie Without the Guilt.” the kitchen that brought the all-natural, crispy almond cookie with no cholesterol, added fat, salt, preservatives or trans fat, proudly announces that it has created Toastees. This all natural, twice baked almond crisp with a few simple ingredients is, “The Delicious Crisp without the Guilt.”  Like all Almondina products it has no cholesterol, no added fat, salt, trans fat or preservatives and is dairy free.  Toastees also has one to two grams of protein and only 60 – 70 calories per serving (four pieces). They are great out of the bag or with toppings, company officials say.

Toastees flavors include:

  • Cranberry Almond – the toasted goodness of premium almonds combined with the tang of dried cranberries
  • Sesame Almond – healthy sesame flavor with almonds making snacking or spreads equally enticing
  • Lemon Poppy Almond – the tartness of fresh lemons, the subtlety of poppy seeds with almonds make this a versatile snack
  • Almondina-Toastees-Cran-ingredients (2)Coconut Orange Almond – the citrus comes through with the dual nuttiness of toasted coconut and almond making this an anytime snack

“Our family created these delicious crunchy almond crisps for special occasions and get-togethers.  It’s a lighter version of Grandma Dina’s original secret family recipe.  The crisps quickly became a highly requested snack item at the office, school events, on road trips and at parties.  Baked with simple ingredients found in most kitchens, these crisps contain no cholesterol, no dairy, no preservatives, no added fat and salt.  Extremely snackable and crunchy, Almondina Toastees are perfect on their own or with toppings.  Excellent when paired with cheeses, enjoyable with coffee, superb in ice cream or yogurt and a great treat for children of all ages,” say Tamar & Jason, next generation of the Almondina family.

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