Cargill Announces New Labeling for Finely Textured Beef

Based on extensive consumer research over the past 18 months, Cargill Beef will begin labeling its branded, U.S.-made, fresh, ground beef products containing Finely Textured Beef, prior to the 2014 grilling season, with the declaration “Contains Finely Textured Beef.”

“Our research shows that consumers believe ground beef FTB-RAW-BlackBrdg-HR - 300 dpiproducts containing Finely Textured Beef should be clearly labeled,” said John Keating, Cargill Beef president.  “We’ve listened to the public, as well as our customers, and that is why today we are declaring our commitment to labeling Finely Textured Beef.”

National consumer surveys and focus group research reveals that, overwhelmingly, consumers desire transparency and believe ground beef products containing Finely Textured Beef should be clearly labeled, providing them with choices when they make a purchase.  Research also revealed that, upon learning Finely Textured Beef is 100 percent pure beef and 95 percent lean, and how it is made, consumers respond positively to its benefits.

Cargill has launched a dedicated Finely Textured Beef website that provides information about the product, including videos showing how Finely Textured Beef is made at its U.S. beef cattle processing plants.  The company has been producing Finely Textured Beef since 1993, with the approval of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and believes this beef product has an important role to play in affordably feeding Americans.

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