Christmas Kitchen Wish List

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and many of you probably spent a good chunk of the day in your kitchens. If your mind works like mind does you might have found yourself thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if we had a refrigerator like the one in The Golden Girls that seemed to have an endless supply of cheesecake?” Obviously, I think about this a lot and in the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to share some of the features, both practical and fantastical, that I wish were in my kitchen.

Prep: Webster — 80’s TV was all about showcasing non-traditional families and Webster was a personal favorite. The adorable orphan rode between floors of the house in a dumbwaiter, an item originally intended for the transport of objects from one floor to another (side note: why don’t new houses have cool features like this? Growing up my sisters and I were obsessed with our laundry chute. Isn’t anyone lazy anymore?) As we all made countless trips up and down the stairs I thought, what I wouldn’t give for Webster’s dumbwaiter…

Dining: The Jetsons – On holidays like Thanksgiving it always seems like the minute everyone sits down is also when you realize that you forgot something. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to get up from the table? That’s when I thought, Rosie to the rescue! Rosie the robot was the perfect maid; as speedy as she was sassy, she served with style. With each incarnation of the iPhone it seems like we’re getting closer to interactive robots, hopefully the folks at Apple give Siri a few notes from Rosie’s personality playbook before the next generation.

Clean-up: Home Improvement — Before there was a name for it, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor was the master of the man cave. Not content for it to be confined to a basement or garage, Tim and his trusty assistant Al created macho-fied versions of nearly every room in the house (Jill was savvy enough to tell Tim that he had to keep his crazy creations confined to the “Tool Time” set). In the fifth season of Home Improvement Tim and Al conquered “The Man’s Kitchen.” Much like you’d expect, the kitchen came loaded with stereotypically manly  features like a nuclear powered “macrowave,” a massive fridge (complete with a live butcher inside), a grill with some serious fire power and the condiment counter. My favorite feature? The Man’s Kitchen was self-cleaning.

For me, these three things would have been the Turkey day trifecta.

What sitcom kitchen items would you love to have in your home?

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