Eating More Fruit? Survey says, you are not alone!

An article in USA Today revealed that second most consumed food in the country is fruit (sandwiches came in first). The article, based on findings in the 28th Annual Eating Patterns in America report conducted by the NPD group, also reveals that fruit has jumped up three places from fifth in the past decade. So why the uptick?

Viva Tierra

photo by Viva Tierra

Could it be that Americans are finally trying to eat healthy? The top four fruits are bananas, apples, oranges and grapes, in that order. Notice a trend? You can either peel-n-eat or bite right in to all four options. If you think about it, fruit is the original to-go food – complete with biodegradable containers. Harry Balzer, NPD’s chief industry analyst and author of the annual Eating Patterns in America report on food habits, was quoted saying he suspects that the convenience of fruit has to do with the rise in popularity.

The comparison survey from ten years ago shows soda in the number two spot. Things are different now then they were a decade ago; First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move initiative, New York’s Mayor Blumberg banned Big Gulps and Jamie Oliver started his Food Revolution, forever changing the way we view school lunches.

Any Pinterest user with a fitness board can tell you that “abs are made in the kitchen,” so it’s not just kids who are changing their choices when it comes to food. If we want to live longer, better lives we need to eat healthier and, if this study is any indication of that, we are on the right track.

Are you eating more fruit than you were ten years ago? What are your favorite fruits and why?

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