How Blogging, Peanut Butter and a Marathon Go Together… kind of!

Have you met our new blogger, Kimberley Coughlin? Her daily blog is, as she cleverly states, “your express lane to what’s happening with groceries in the world” – inside and outside of the store. Although more outside, since the GHQ editors already have the whole “in-store” thing covered.

Today Kim introduced readers to some interesting facts about peanut butter. Did you know it was National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month? I did not!

Coincidence though; I was just thinking about peanut butter. I’ll explain…

Yesterday I volunteered at ING New York City Marathon. Have you heard of it? It’s kind of a big deal. And not just in NYC. Thousands of people jogged by sporting shirts decorated with colors and flags from Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Puerto Rico and on and on. Two Kenyan-nationals won the marathon – Geoffrey Mutai and Priscah Jeptoo. The NYC marathon is one for the world.

It was the first time I was home to watch the marathon – at least since I took an interest in it. See, I was actually supposed to run it. When I say supposed to, I mean, I was signed up. Let’s say training didn’t go my way, and after two stress injuries in my feet far enough into the game that rebounding was not an option, I clicked “postpone” online and relegated myself to the sidelines.


This is what I looked like most of the day – but with my mouth wide open screaming and probably spitting on runners. (High five to the photobomber behind me!)

But let me tell you, this was the best thing that could have happened. Watching the 50,000+ runners traipse the streets of NYC yesterday was mind-blowing. To see the sea of bodies come running up First Avenue from my post at 1st and 61st was just mesmerizing. On more than one occasion, I was awoken from a trance of staring down the road by a runner grabbing the cup of Gatorade I had balanced in my hand. Oops. Bad volunteer.

Each and every person that passed by me was inspiring. Many were raising money for a cause that affected them and their loved ones; others were running in memory of someone. There were runners completing their 20th NYC, and more running their first marathon ever. The seasoned runners and professionals were going for personal records, while others were just proving to themselves that they could keep their feet moving for 26.2 miles. Whatever their motivation, each and every runner was pushing their limits – and if that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.

Standing there cheering, I found myself deeply missing running. It has been two years since I ran my first – and only – half marathon. Sigh. I stood there screaming runner’s names and shooting out huge “You are amazing” smiles and wishing I was one of them.

In the middle of the road. On my feet. Running 26.2 miles. And eating peanut butter. You were wondering what this had to do with peanut butter, weren’t you?

Peanut butter was my pre-race food. Peanut Butter on a waffle with blueberries. It was one of the few ‘recommended breakfasts for runners’ that agreed with my stomach, so it became my staple.

And when I think I about running, it isn’t just about the race. It’s about the role the race plays in my life and the training lifestyle I adopt. So for me, it means months of Saturday morning breakfasts of Peanut Butter on Waffles. That is what I thought about yesterday while handing out thousands of cups of Gatorade.

So, yeah, Happy Peanut Butter Lover’s Month. Say Hi to Kimberley and follow her blogs for some food fun.

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