(Kool-Aid) Bursting with Good Memories

IMG_5078Earlier this week I was absentmindedly browsing my Twitter feed when I caught a glimpse of a photo posted by @FillWerrell that brought me back to my childhood. Even before expanding the image the sight of the electric blue liquid and the plastic twist-off top I could taste the “Berry Blue” flavor.

The accompanying tweet read, “Sippin on a six packs of cold ones” and the full photo revealed that I was right, those were Kool-Aid Bursts.

My mind raced as I wondered where he got them. A quick internet search revealed that Kool-Aid still made them. I was surprised by how excited I got at the news considering the fact that this product hadn’t even crossed my mind in about twenty years.

The Kraft website has a Product Locator feature and, I kid you not, I did a little dance when I found out that they sell them at not one, but two different grocery stores in the area (seriously, how have I not seen them there before?). I planned to go to the store the next day to see if the fruity flavored drink was everything I remembered.


Kimberley enjoys a “cold one.”

As I ripped the top off with my teeth (which they blatantly tell you not to do on the packaging) I remembered pretending that the tear-off portion was a retainer like my sisters wore at the time (in retrospect, this was a terrible idea, I could’ve choked on the thing). I took my first sip.

Honestly, I expected to be disappointed. There was no way it would taste as good as I remembered; it would be too sweet, I’d get heartburn like I do whenever I try an energy drink, the flavor would taste like blue dye. But I am happy to report that that first sip tasted exactly like I remember it. It tasted just like summer.

It’s kind of fantastic that an item found at your local grocery store can instantly bring you back to your youth.

What product makes you feel like a kid again?

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