MasterChef Makeover

When you work in the food industry, where hours are long and food is everywhere, it can be difficult to stay in shape. Staying healthy can be even more difficult if you’re predisposed to being heavy like MasterChef judge, Graham Elliot.

Earlier this year the 36 year old chef, husband and father of three decided to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy, a surgery that reduced his stomach by about 80%. Since then, he has had to rethink the way that he eats. Eating healthier and eating less, Elliot has lost 91 pounds. Maintaining a weight at which he can exercise regularly comes with an added perk: he is enjoying finally being able to keep up with his kids.

The 6’1” and formerly 396-pound Elliot, sweetest of the three judges, comes off as a big teddybear. Rather than ripping on contestants, as reality show judges tend to do, he provides them with constructive criticism and encouragement. He has even offered contestants positions in his various restaurants. With all of the positive vibes that the affable MasterChef puts out, it seems only fitting that he get some of that back.

Elliot is in good company as he embarks on the next part of his weight loss journey — his fellow MasterChef judges are both runners. Joe Bastianich ran the ING New York City Marathon for charity last weekend and Gordon Ramsay recently made headlines by dropping 30 pounds while training for a triathlon. Elliot’s costars have clearly been a positive influence on him.

Famous or not, it’s easier to uphold positive lifestyle changes when you surround yourself with people who support your goals.

Who keeps you motivated?

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