Peapod Introduces Verlasso’s Sustainable Salmon to Digital Shelves

Peapod, the nation’s leading online grocer, has had a long-standing commitment to advancing sustainable grocery options for shoppers.  This fall, alone, Peapod has introduced Farmedhere products (organic, aquaponic herbs and leafy greens) and celebrated its ongoing relationship with Shedd Aquarium’s “Right Bite” program (promoting the best choices for sustainable seafood).  Now, Peapod is bringing Verlasso salmon to its online grocery shelves.

Farm-raised in the Chilean ocean waters off the coast of Patagonia, Verlasso is a premium salmon, rich in nutrients.  The company’s redefined model of aquaculture, which emphasizes balance with nature, caught the attention of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program earlier this year.  The Seafood Watch ranked Verlasso salmon as a “Good Alternative” buy, marking the first and only time an ocean-farmed salmon has been named to this list.

“We are strong proponents of sustainable food options, and so are Peapod consumers,” says Tony Stallone, Peapod vice president of fresh markets.  “With the significant increase in demand for seafood in recent years, it’s critical that choices be sourced from responsible producers. Verlasso’s model ensures water purity, protects the salmon and the wildlife in the surrounding environment, and prevents contaminants from entering into the food stream.  Because of these sustainable practices, it also delivers superior flavor and is a great choice for Peapod,” he says.

Verlasso salmon will debut on on Nov. 9 at a special introductory price of $10.99/lb. for two fresh filets (approximately six ounces each).  The introductory sale runs through Nov. 15.  The product’s regular price is $14.99/lb.

During the introductory special from Nov. 9 through Nov. 15, Verlasso salmon will also qualify for Peapod’s donation program with the Shedd Aquarium.  For every package purchased during this period, Peapod and Verlasso will donate $1 to Shedd Aquarium’s conservation programs.

Peapod donates $0.25 to Shedd Aquarium’s sustainability programs for every purchase of fresh or frozen sustainable seafood and $0.05 for every purchase of sustainable canned seafood products.  Since the partnership began in 2008, Peapod has donated more than $45,000 to the aquarium.

To purchase Verlasso® salmon, go to  and type Verlasso in the search box.

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