Plum Organics’ Total (Product) Recall

Nov13Recall1Last week Plum Organics issued a product recall for a range of their pouch products. There is a concern that a manufacturing defect may cause spoilage in some pouches of their Baby Stage 2, Tots Mish Mash and Kids lines.

In this age of the internet and social media news – or, in some cases, rumors – like this travels like wildfire. Internet users tend to blindly repost before checking with the company website or a fact-checking website like Snopes. My niece loves these pouches so I understand the knee jerk reaction to share the information and it’s obviously amplified when the target market happens to be children. Whether true or false it is of the utmost importance that companies get out in front of these situations because people are going to share the information regardless.

In my college marketing classes we studied the infamous Tylenol crisis from 1982 ad naseam. Allow me to summarize it for you: the tampering in the Tylenol case eventually led to triple-seal tamper resistant packaging of their products. In Plum Organics’ case, the issue is a manufacturing defect, so perhaps it’s time to look at the design of these pouches.

Nov13RecallAs a consumer I want the companies I buy from the be honest. Accidents happen, but the onus is on the company to pull their products and disseminate any information they have about the incident as quickly as possible. The first thing you see on the Plum Organics homepage is an alert about the recall. The website has clear instructions on how to identify the recalled products by codes on the packaging as well as images of the products. The company is also removing any products with affected codes still on store shelves.

In the Tylenol case the company offered coupons and discounts on their product. Plum Organics is doing one better, offering product replacement vouchers through their website, email and a toll free number.

As both a consumer and a former case study-buff, I think the folks over as Plum Organics are handling this well, what do you think?

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