RUMBA Meats Invites Consumers to Share their Meal

2013 - RUMBA_PACKAGE-NewLabelFor the 2013 holiday season, Cargill’s RUMBA meats is holding an online contest for consumers who would like to share a photo of their favorite authentic, traditional-style dishes made with its products.

The contest will run from Nov. 15, 2013 through Jan. 15, 2014, and is supported by on-pack labels featuring the promotional tagline: Keep Your Traditions Fresh – Spice Up Holiday Recipes With RUMBA Meats. It is being help entirely online at, the entry receiving the most votes winning the $5,000 cash prize.

“This is a fun and engaging way for consumers to win cash to pay for the gifts they bought for the holidays, or to help them achieve their News Year’s resolutions, while sharing their favorite RUMBA recipe photos on our site,” says Jackie Lopez, RUMBA associate brand manager in Wichita.

“RUMBA is the leading multicultural fresh meat brand in America, and we want people to know how good dishes can be using our products. Food diversity is thriving in America and we want to encourage people to share their cultural heritage through the traditional dishes they cherish,” Lopez adds.

RUMBA products displaying the promotional message will include beef tongue, beef oxtails, beef honeycomb tripe, pork neck bones, pork tails, pork hocks and new Multivac packaged beef items such as beef short ribs, neck bones, marrow bones and cross-cut hind shank. Developed in 2007 specifically with the tastes and preferences of multicultural consumers in mind, the Rumba brand consists of 30 fresh, never frozen beef and pork specialty meat cuts that are conveniently available in mainstream groceries. The convenient grab-and-go, easy-open packaging makes the Rumba brand consumers’ ideal choice for preparing their favorite traditional meals.

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