SpartanNash Awarded A $2.75 Million Michigan Strategic Fund Grant

SpartanNash Company announced that its corporate headquarters will be located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the company will retain a strong regional presence in Minneapolis, Minnesota to support food distribution and in Norfolk, Virginia to support military operations. SpartanNash chose Western Michigan as its headquarters due to it being centrally located to the merged entities operations, the positive business climate taking hold in Michigan, including a more favorable tax environment, and the quality of life Michigan provides for its associates.

The company will receive a performance-based grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund under the Michigan Economic Development Program. The grant, totaling up to $2.75 million, was awarded to SpartanNash to support the retention of 620 existing jobs and the creation of 72 new jobs, while providing flexibility for the company’s future growth needs.

“We are pleased that this merger has enabled our company to create a stronger organization and provide a platform for growth. We appreciate all of the support and assistance provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation during this process,” said Dennis Eidson, president and CEO of SpartanNash Company. “Our partnership with state and local leaders will ensure the continuing growth of our company for years to come.”

The state’s incentive and support was secured with the efforts of The Right Place, Inc., a regional non-profit economic development organization and Byron Township.

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