Sustainable Food Trade Association Releases Case Studies

The Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA) announces the release of three new case studies from SFTA members Annie’s, Clif Bar and MOM’s Organic Market.

Implementing Sustainability is a series of case studies that provides practical examples of how SFTA Members execute on the SFTA declaration areas. SFTA members sign onto the Declaration of Sustainability committing to strive for continuous improvement and to practice transparency in annually auditing their organizations in the following areas: Organic, Distribution, Energy, Climate Change, Water, Waste, Packaging, Labor, Animal Care, Education and Governance.

“By highlighting the work of companies with strong systems in place, we hope to encourage wider adoption of sustainability practices and encourage transitioning companies towards sustainable business models,” says Executive Director Nate Schalchter.

Each of the case studies highlights exemplary stories of implementing sustainability. The case study on Annie’s focuses on the engagement of their supply chain to gather sustainability data. Clif Bar’s case study accounts for their holistic approach to climate change action and advocacy. MOM’s Organic Market’s case study outlines the decision and process to ban the sale of plastic water bottles in their stores.

The case studies can be found at

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