Taking the Cake

Auctions usually make me think of antique jewelry or film memorabilia, so when I heard that a slice of wedding cake sold for $4,160 I thought, well, this must be a first. Much to my surprise, collecting celebrity wedding cakes is apparently a thing.

The pricey piece in question is a souvenir from the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for you Anglophiles). Julien’s Auctions, the Beverly Hills auction house that put the piece on the auction block, previously sold a slice of cake from Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles (from, you know,1981) just last year. And I thought Twinkies had a long shelf life! While the catalog warned that the cake was “not suitable for consumption,” it still sold for $1,375.

Fiona Cairn first made Prince William and Kate’s cake back in 2011. It consisted of 12 smaller fruit cakes that were then assembled and decorated to create an impressive eight-tiered confectionary concoction for the wedding’s 650 guests. Looks like the royal party planning committee might need to break out the old guest list – rumor has it the cake smuggler was last seen in L.A.

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