Teamwork Equals Success at Daymon Worldwide’s Annual Supplier Reception

Gale Sayers and Carla Cooper

Carla Cooper and Gale Sayers

Former Chicago Bears and NFL Hall of Fame Running Back Gale Sayers joined Daymon Worldwide’s CEO Carla Cooper to host the Global Private Brand and consumer interactions expert’s supplier reception on Sunday, Nov. 17 at PLMA Chicago 2013. More than 200 Daymon supplier customers attended to learn how teamwork, trust and focus translate to business success, say officials for Daymon.

“Teamwork is the only way to successfully navigate today’s competitive business world,” says Cooper. “The challenges are hard – competitors around every corner, the changing needs and demands of consumers, and struggles to keep on top of trends in our home market and around the world – but they make us better. At Daymon, we are constantly evolving to help our supplier partners win the game. We were honored to have Gale with us as he’s a real-world example of how teamwork, trust, strength, focus and agility lead to success. He brought discipline, dignity and maturity to the world of sports, and it’s something we all should take to heart in the way we conduct ourselves in business.”

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