Uh-oh SpaghettiO… Cupcakes?

This morning I heard a song and I cannot get it out of my head. It’s a simple, but catchy tune by an artist named George Potor about… SpaghettiOs Cupcakes. This is not a children’s song and the subject isn’t a fictional treat, it’s a real recipe tested out by food blogger, Becky McKay on the website FoodBeast.

Bon Appétit featured the recipe in a section called “Kookery” (it’s like cookery, but kookier, get it?) that features the “scary, borderline illegal things” people do with food. Potor’s song, which features baking the instructions and McKay’s commentary as lyrics, was left in the comments sections of the post.

I have not tasted SpaghettiOs Cupcakes, I have to imagine that they are… just as bizarre as they sounds based on the instructions. You take a box of cake mix, you add in the usual ingredients (water, eggs and oil) and you mix. You don’t even use a food processor or anything to puree it – you leave the SpaghettiO’s whole! The finishing touch is Velveeta frosting and Goldfish sprinkles.

Cheese is one of my favorite food groups (Wait, what? Cheese isn’t a food group? Maybe not in your world.), so I think it’s possible that McKay is correct when she says that the frosting is the best part of the experiment. Cream cheese frosting is delicious when paired with Red Velvet anything, so perhaps it’s just about finding the proper pairing for the Velveeta version.

What kind of cupcake would you pair with McKay’s Velveeta frosting?

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