Walmart’s Great Value Brand Goes Green with New Cleaning Products

WALMART LOGOTo further the company’s commitment to making eco-friendly products more accessible and affordable, Walmart announced the introduction of Great Value Naturals, a new line of all-natural cleaning products that are as effective as leading conventional cleaners, company officials say. The products are available now in more than 2,000 Walmart stores across the U.S. and will be available soon on

“The launch of Great Value Naturals is an important step in making green cleaning habits an affordable option for millions of consumers,” says Alberto Dominguez, Walmart vice president and divisional merchandise manager. “Many consumers have the perception that all-natural cleaners are more expensive and don’t work as well as traditional cleaning products. Great Value Naturals addresses those concerns by combining affordability, performance and care for the environment.”

Great Value Naturals cleaning products are made from plant-based, all-natural Evolve cleaning technology and are sold exclusively at Walmart. The products are 100% chemical-free and toxin-free, biodegradable, non-allergenic and packaged in recyclable materials.

The line includes four natural cleaning products available at Walmart’s everyday low prices:

  • Great Value Naturals Liquid Laundry Detergent:  $8.97 for a 100 fluid ounce bottle (64 loads)
  • Great Value Naturals Multi-Surface Cleaner:  $2.47 for a 32 fluid ounce sprayer
  • Great Value Naturals Glass and Window Cleaner:  $1.98 for a 32 fluid ounce sprayer
  • Great Value Naturals Automatic Dishwasher Gel:  $3.97 for a 75 fluid ounce bottle

Evolve is the first all-natural cleaning technology that is lab-tested to achieve results at levels of efficacy previously seen only through the use of petroleum-based cleaners, detergents, degreasers and solvents, company officials say. The technology effectively captures and breaks down soils, grease, grime and odor-causing bacteria without leaving harmful residues or irritants behind on skin, surfaces or the environment, they add.

“As the first green technology to match the potency of chemical cleaners, products with Evolve-based technology deliver a level of clean that consumers often notice after a single use,” says Benjamin Shell, CEO of Agaia, makers of Evolve. “It’s no longer necessary to sacrifice the familiar strength of traditional cleaners to have a toxic-free environment at home. With products made from Evolve-based technology, consumers get the best of both worlds – superior cleaning and all-natural safety – for the first time.”

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