Fun Treats’ Prebiotic Freezer Pops

Fun Treats, manufacturer of fruit-flavored freezer pops and novelty beverages, recently launched Prebiotic Freezer Pops with Immune Support. The fruit flavored freezer pops combine the digestive health benefits of Prebiotic dietary fiber with the systemic immune health benefits of Wellmune, a natural immune boost ingredient.prebiotic_packages V2-1

“Prebiotic Freezer Pops with Immune Support are a functional treat that everyone in the family can enjoy right out of the freezer,” said John Allman, General Manager, Fun Treats. “Consumers will now have the option to choose a freezer pop that is not only refreshing but has the added benefit of helping to maintain their health.”

Suggested serving size is one ice pop daily for small children, two daily for older children and three per adult. The pops are available in packages of eight 3-oz. pops in assorted flavors. They are expected to have a suggested retail price in the range of $2.00-$2.50.

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