MTV Dinner? No Thanks, I’ll Just Have A Snackdown

Can you remember the last time MTV played music videos? Me neither.

MTV used to stand for Music Television, but lately the only music they’re playing is the opening theme of their latest reality show. That being said, the station isn’t really on my radar when I’m operating my remote control these days. Personally, my favorite reality shows involve food or fashion (but rarely ever both) rather than pregnant teens and Jersey Shore drama queens.

Then I heard about “Snackdown;” a cooking competition show from Rob Dyrdek (of Rob & Big fame) that “takes mundane munchies and elevates it to a fully baked art-form.” Think MTV meets The Food Network. This is a great opportunity for advertisers to target college kids without seeming like they’re trying too hard – and nothing is less appealing to MTV viewers than an advertiser looking for their approval. Genius!

Speaking of brilliant pairings – Eddie Huang of NYC’s BaoHaus is signed on to host. BaoHaus is a hipster haunt in the Lower East Side that specializes in Taiwanese steamed buns and, according to the restaurant’s website, “isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a futuristic YMCA where brothers in snap backs and nike boots can find that motivation.” I already don’t feel cool enough to check it out; Huang will be perfect for MTV. They make affordable, yet fancy comfort food using all-natural, antibiotic and hormone free meats, and organic tofu – plus, they fry everything in soy oil.

The judges panel currently consists of supermodel and foodie fanatic Chrissy Tiegen and master chef Jason Quinn with a third judge TBA. Personally I’d like to see a wild card, anyone?

Contestants must live in Southern California (as per the casting call), but I’m sure they won’t have a shortage of applicants. If all goes well, it sounds like it would be easy enough to take this show on the road.

Has MTV whet your appetite with the Snackdown?

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