Saving Santa One Diet at a Time

imageWe all know Santa as a big, jolly man in a red coat, but a belly that jiggles like a big bowl of jelly is a not a good sign when it comes to heart health. Perhaps it’s time for Mrs. Clause to become a bit more health conscious and start her hubby on a new diet. Here are some options for the Santa with dietary restrictions:

Gluten-free Santa: Whether it’s pure white like the driven snow or wheat, this Santa’s motto is “say no to dough.” Thankfully, Alton Brown of Good Eats fame has come up with a recipe for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that has received awesome reviews. Since pure milk is gluten-free, you can pour this Santa a tall glass of the white stuff.

Vegan Santa: This Santa had better learn to love soy because he’s going to eat a lot of it having given up eating animal products. Even though vegans obviously can’t eat eggs, there are still some solid options for the plant-based people in your life. These Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodle cookies actually sound delicious. Pair them with a tall glass of soy or almond milk and Vegan Santa can have a sweet feast.

Lactose Intolerant Santa: This Santa obviously can’t was his cookies down with a tall glass of milk, so what other options are there? Since I’ve already mentioned some lactose-free milk options, I thought I’d really go outside the gift box on this one. How about a cup of apple cider paired with an equally delicious apple cider donut? Even a Santa without dietary restrictions would probably appreciate you mixing it up

Diabetic Santa: This Santa has probably had his fill of oatmeal cookies, so why not offer him a suggestion that won’t make him bloat (fiber, it’s a love-hate relationship)? These Vanilla Cookie Crisps don’t just taste delicious, the lemon zest in the recipe has vitamins and nutrients that have all sorts of health benefits. As for milk, you’ll want to steer clear of whole milk (which has high levels of saturated fats which can worsen insulin resistance) and stick with 1% or skim milk instead. 

Santa may only make deliveries one night of the year, but we want him to keep doing it for as long as possible, so let’s help him make healthy dietary choices. Who knows, maybe he’ll even take your recipe back to the North Pole.

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