Texans Taste Victory with World’s Largest Gingerbread House

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. That’s certainly true in Bryan, Texas, where the USA Traditions Club recently built the world’s largest gingerbread house, according to the Guinness World Records.

The candy cottage was constructed on November 30th and stands 60′ long by 42′ wide and 10.1′ tall at it’s highest point. No word on the interior layout, but I’m hoping they insulated the structure with some cotton candy considering the cold temps Texans have been experiencing.

With an internal volume of 39,201.8 square feet, apartment-dwellers everywhere are salivating at the amount of room they could have for more activities (according to this article by Multifamily Executive the average U.S. apartment is 982 square feet). I’m pretty sure maintenance fees don’t cover mold though, so I’ll stick to my studio – at least they shovel the sidewalks for me.

But seriously, who’s going to live in a house made of candy? Oh, right – Santa. The jolly gentleman in red is on site to take pictures with visitors provided that they’re willing to make a donation to St. Joseph’s Hospital; proceeds will fund a new trauma center. Apparently you don’t need a sweet tooth to build a giant gingerbread house, just sweet intentions.

Gingerbread House at NightHere are the ingredients that went into the making of the gingerbread house, according to the US Traditions Club website:

1,800 pounds of butter
2,925 pounds brown sugar
7,200 eggs
225 gallons of molasses
7,200 pounds all-purpose flour
1,080 ounces ground ginger
720 ounces ground cinnamon
360 ounces baking soda

417 quarts egg whites
4,165 pounds powdered sugar
125 ounces cream of tartar

2,500 pounds of candy

35,823,400 CALORIES

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