The Price of Eating Healthy

Entertainment Weekly hosts a weekly show on satellite radio called “Wake Up! With Taylor” in which hosts Taylor and Kenny do a segment  called “7 Things to Know Before You Go.” Usually just a source for celebrity news and gossip, I was surprised to hear this bit of actual news:

According to the new study by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), it costs on average $1.50 more per day to eat healthy.

My first thought was, that’s it? For the price of that second cup of coffee I could be on my way to a healthier me? Of course, $1.50 a day adds up to almost $550 annually and that’s just for one person; I could see how that information would be a bit more daunting to someone who is trying to feed their entire family.

Eating well is arguably the most essential step toward a healthier body, so it’s also important to consider that $1.50 a day could keep the doctor away. Health insurance is a hot topic right now, taking good care of yourself could mean fewer doctor’s visits and avoiding expensive co-pays that sometimes come with getting sick.

For those of you interested in getting down to the nitty gritty this press release on the HSPH website explains how they came to this specific amount. Personally, I’m far more interested in how to incorporate this into my daily routine. Could the HSPH please provide me with the shopping lists of the test subjects? Maybe link to their blogs and social media accounts so I can see what kinds of recipes they’re able to make with these healthy food items? It’s great news that it will only cost $1.50 more per day to eat healthy, but what about the nutritionist I’m going to have to hire so they can explain proper eating habits to me? Surely they won’t be such a bargain.

What do you think – is $1.50 (plus optional nutritional consultant) a day worth it to eat a little healthier?

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