Tribe Toasts Fans with Cocktail Time Hummus

TribeCocktailHummusTribe is encouraging its fans to celebrate this holiday season with Cocktail Time Hummus. Tribe’s newest variety is fresh, zesty and gives veggie sticks a kick. Whether you are having a few friends over, hosting a major holiday soiree or having a night to yourself, pull out your little black bowl and start dipping.

“Our expert Matchmakers mixed one-part horseradish and five-parts chickpeas to create the perfect blend for our new Limited Batch flavor, discovering that these two ingredients truly do love to mingle” says Adam Carr, president and Chickpea-EO of Tribe. “Now our fans can enjoy happy hour any hour with friends, family, or even by themselves – guilt free.”

Cocktail Time is the second flavor in Tribe’s Limited Batch Series; the category’s first-ever rotating line of hummus. It follows Everything Hummus, which, due to the overwhelming response from fans on Facebook, has since been promoted to a full-time variety. Tribe hopes to delight hummus lovers yet again with Cocktail Time and encourages them to taste and tell on Tribe’s Facebook page.

To entice consumers to take their experience with Cocktail Time to the next level, Tribe offers a serving suggestion right on the packaging. The brand encourages you to get out your favorite martini glasses, scoop in a serving of Cocktail Time Hummus and garnish with your favorite pita and vegetables, such as carrots, celery and peppers. This allows for a fun way to enjoy Cocktail Time and impress all your guests.

Tribe’s Cocktail Time Hummus has started hitting store shelves and will be available through the spring in 8 oz. bowls with a SRP of $3.49.

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