Baloian Farms Increases Packing Efficiency and Speed

baloian2Baloian Farms has recently expanded its production possibilities with a new line of equipment designed to process mini peppers. The new equipment purchased in the spring of 2013 can serve multiple purposes—its main position will be for packing mini sweet peppers, but will also work for packing baby bells and hot chilies as well.

“Making these necessary upgrades and capital investments in new machinery will help us to grow our leadership position in pepper production,” says Jeremy Lane, sales manager of Baloian Farms, “and continually provide high-quality, competitively priced products to consumers year round.”

Lane also commented that the new equipment will also greatly improve the speed and efficiencies of packing: “All across our company we are attempting to increase efficiencies in everything from farming to packing. And while these new machines came as a big initial investment, we are already experiencing increased return on investment at the packing level, and have ordered additional equipment to continue this momentum,” he says.

The new equipment is intended to pack Baloian’s value-added mini sweet peppers and baby bell peppers. Using the bridged production areas of Culiacan, Mexico and California, Baloian Farms offers year-round supply of mini sweet peppers, baby bell peppers, squash and other mixed vegetables.

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