Break Out the Elastic Waistbands – It’s National Ditch Your Resolution Day!

Today is National Ditch Your Resolution Day – no, really, it’s a thing. While I didn’t announce a formal resolution to go on a diet, I did decide to make a concerted effort to mind my health on a daily basis. In keeping with today’s theme of resolution rescinding, I have assembled a list of items I would happily eat freely for the rest of my life if health were not a factor.

ToscanoCheeseTrader Joe’s Creamy Toscano Cheese Soaked in Syrah – When it comes to cheese I don’t discriminate; whether they’re created at home or abroad, soft or firm, and the stinkier the better. Given the choice of any cheese I’ve ever tried, this would be my #1. It’s semi-soft with just enough grit to make it interesting. The site describes it as “a Wisconsin-crafted cheese that seamlessly blends the nutty flavor of an aged Parmesan with the creamy texture of a farmstead Cheddar” which is then soaked in Trader Joe’s Coastal Syrah. Wine and cheese all in one – why didn’t I think of that?

Edy’s Nestlé Butterfinger Ice Cream – I feel like I’m always saying that I prefer savory to sweet, but there are a few specific exceptions and this is one of them. While I enjoy many of the flavors that Edy’s offers (Peppermint and Thin Mint are also favorites) I think it’s the brief salty reprieve that the peanut butter flavored center (a.k.a. Teddy) provides that make this one my favorite.

Truffle Salt – This is a relatively new discovery for me in the condiment category. I’m a firm believer that one should always taste their food before they salt it and it is this practice that allowed me to fully appreciate truffle salt the first time that I tried it. One night while eating takeout from a local fried chicken restaurant, I noticed that the roasted potatoes were a bit bland; I decided to add the truffle salt — suddenly the spruced up spuds tasted gourmet. Truffle oil can be overpowering, but truffle salt adds just the right amount of earthiness to transform the simplest of dishes from uninspired to irresistible.

What resolutions are you going to ditch today?

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