Oikos is Betting on a Full House This Super Bowl Sunday

Mention TGIF to any child of the 90’s and you will most likely hear all about which show was their favorite and maybe, if you’re lucky, start a theme song sing-along. (Wait, is this just something that me and my friends do?).

While I always loved Perfect Strangers, I’d have to say that coming from a family with three girls our overall favorite show in the lineup was Full House. That wasn’t the only reason that the show resonated with us though, regardless of how they all came to live together the Tanners along with Uncle Jess and Joey were one big, happy, blended family and we welcomed them into our homes every week.

So what did ever happen to predictability? Well this Super Bowl Sunday it’s coming back just like you’d expect it to – through your TV. John Stamos has been the spokesperson for Dannon’s Oikos Greek yogurt since it launched in 2011, but they’ve never tapped into the full throwback potential of what is arguably Stamos’s most recognizable role. After watching this teaser for the spot, you’ll wonder what took them so long. My favorite part? The web address for the campaign is www.oikosbromance.com.

The teaser shows all three men seemingly still in character (Katsopolis is as handsome as ever, Gladstone is donning a red onesie pajama and Tanner is wearing flannel pajama bottoms with a total dad-robe). This begs so many questions: Will Jesse and the Rippers give us an Oikos theme song? Will Danny Tanner and Aunt Becky now be hosting Wake Up, New Jersey (because, let’s be honest, that’s geographically correct — sorry, NFL)? Will Ranger Joe appear with Mr. Woodchuck to school the Duck Dynasty guys on proper primetime etiquette?

Clearly the campaign is already a success with me, but what do you think… Will the Dannon Oikos Bromance commercials be worth watching? Or will you take a bathroom break when the reunion begins?

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