Ready Pac Challenges Consumers to Reach Their Health Goals

To help fans reach their health goals this year, Ready Pac Foods is launching a New Year’s challenge to help maintain healthy resolutions and inspire new ways to stay healthy and happy throughout the year.

Fit_and_Fresh_FB_CoverPhoto_v2From January 9 through February 16, contest participants can win by pinning their Fit & Fresh inspiration to their Pinterest boards for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card and a year’s supply of Ready Pac’s fresh Bistro Bowl salads.

To enter, create a Pinterest board titled “Ready Pac Fit & Fresh Challenge,” fill your board with one of each of the items below, and tag each pin with #readypac and #fit&fresh. When you are ready to submit, comment on our ‘Fit & Fresh Challenge’ pin with a link to your board.

  1. You favorite Ready Pac Bistro Bowl Salad
  2. A Fun Workout
  3. A Low Calorie Treat
  4. Your Favorite Place to Take a Walk
  5. A Fresh Haircut for the New Year
  6. You Favorite Ready Pac Recipe
  7. A Motivational Quote
  8. A Cute Outfit to Workout In
  9. Your Favorite Ready Pac Post-Workout Recovery Snack
  10. A Fresh Beauty Trend for the New Year

With all the fun and creative ideas shared through the Ready Pac Fit & Fresh Pinterest six week challenge, this year’s resolutions are sure to feel more like an indulgence than an undertaking.

Find Ready Pac’s Pinterest page here.

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