Schnuck Markets Announces Change in Leadership

Scott Schnuck, chairman and CEO of privately-held and family-owned grocery company Schnuck Markets, announced that after nearly eight years at the helm, he is preparing to pass the baton to his brother, Todd Schnuck, in March 2014.

In accordance with the family’s succession plan, Todd will become president and CEO in March. Scott will remain chairman and will assist Todd in the transition through September. In addition, older brother, Craig Schnuck, will formally retire from the company and become chairman emeritus.

Todd Schnuck joined the family company in 1987 as treasurer. He also served as corporate vice president and CFO before assuming the position of president and COO.

“My wife, Julie, and I and my extended family have been planning this for more than a year and Todd has been preparing for this for several years,” says Scott. “Todd and I have worked very closely together over the years. I have the greatest confidence in his ability to lead our company to even greater success by working through our teammates to provide our customers with the best values and the highest quality goods and services.”

The transition also includes Schnucks newcomer Anthony Hucker (47) who will partner with Todd to lead the management team. Anthony joined the company in September 2013 as executive vice president and chief strategy officer and, with the shift in March, will rise to executive vice president and COO.

Scott’s years as CEO could be characterized as the company’s era of innovation and reinvention. He made it his mission to differentiate Schnucks from others in the industry by hiring and training teammates to become food experts. Today, the Schnucks team includes 19 professional chefs, 43 Schnucks Cooks coaches, one certified cheese specialist, one dietitian, 36 certified specialists of wine (CSW), two Cicerones (beer certification), two AIFD certified florists, 86 FTD certified designers and others across the company are working to hone their skills in order to be better resources to customers.

In 2009, Schnucks broke from the mold and created two vastly different store prototypes. At 21,000 square feet (exclusive of mezzanine), the urban format Culinaria in downtown St. Louis is one-third the size of a typical Schnucks store. Schnucks Des Peres, Mo. location is a 74,000-square-foot store that reintroduced the in-store restaurant. It is designed to appeal equally to the professional chef who cooks for hundreds and the home chef who cooks for family.

Scott said, “Reflecting on 75 years of serving customers, each era of leadership has had an impact in shaping the company we are today. My brother Craig did an incredible job of guiding us into new and innovative formats that fueled growth and expansion. In my time, I’ve taken the company down a new path, a new direction that should ensure that no matter what challenges come, Schnucks will continue to be a strong and profitable company for our teammates and for our customers. I am looking forward to seeing what exciting turns we will take as Todd moves our company into a new era.”

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