Sorry, Psy, Stephen Colbert is Wonderful Now

This Super Bowl Sunday Steven Colbert, America’s self-proclaimed “ballsiest pundit,” will officially announce the new candidate he’s backing — Wonderful Pistachios. The big game is about as patriotic as it gets, so it makes sense that Wonderful would take this opportunity to declare Colbert the new face of their “Get Crackin’, America” campaign.

In the teaser for the campaign below Colbert jokes that the game is being thrown in honor of his first Wonderful Pistachios commercial. He then calls to an eagle off-stage before throwing his signature raised eyebrow game face; immediately my mind started to race, will the ad feature an actual eagle? Will it be a Sam Eagle-style tribute to all nations, but mostly America? Who cares? It has Colbert and he’s hilarious!

Colbert is tried and true and he doesn’t take himself too seriously which makes him as endearing as he is entertaining – just what you want in a spokesperson for your brand. Last year Psy starred in Wonderful Pistachio’s inaugural Super Bowl commercial and while they were clever to have capitalized on a current trend, it didn’t leave me wanting more. Whereas after watching the Colbert teaser, I immediately went to the Wonderful Pistachio website and binge-watched the rest of the videos from the #getcrackingamerica campaign (one of which is called “Working with Eagles” — fingers crossed!).

It might be an early prediction, but I think Wonderful may have cracked the code to Super Bowl ad success.

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