Stayin’ Awake

US_bars_on_whiteEnergy just got sweeter. Awake has added an energy boost to the afternoon sweet tooth with a new line of caffeinated chocolate bars and bites. Made with all-natural chocolate, the two varieties—Milk Chocolate and Caramel—of bars have the equivalent to one cup o’ joe, while the bites are each equal to a half of a cup. According to Matt Schnarr, founder and managing partner, Awake follows the functional food trend of adding fortification to mainstream categories (yogurt, water, soft drinks etc).

The product line hit the U.S. market March this year, but the Toronto-based company has been selling in Canada since August 2012. “It ranks 18th in Everyday Chocolate in Dollar Sales Per Point of Distribution based on GDM Nielsen data for the past 12 weeks after only being in the market for just over one year,” said Schnarr.

The bars have a suggested retail price of $1.99—“it falls between chocolate bars and energy drinks,” notes Schnarr—and the bags have an SRP of $4.99.

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