The Ripe Idea: Add a Little Avocado

AVO_logo_stacked_080513Avocado makes everything better.

The other night as I left SoulCycle I realized that I had nothing healthy to eat at home, so I stopped at the Organic Avenue across the way and grabbed a brown rice bowl. Upon taking my first bite I realized that the seasoning had a bit more kick than I like in my post-workout meals (hello, indigestion). I was about to chalk it up to an $8 loss when I remembered that I had avocados in the fridge. I quickly sliced the riper one into chunks and added it to the bowl – discovering that avocado was exactly what the dish was missing. By the time I got to the end I found myself not only full, but wishing there was even more.

Avocado is an essential ingredient in so many of my favorite dishes; I use it instead of mayonnaise when I make tunafish, it’s what makes the L.A. Burger my go-to order at Bobby’s Burger Palace, and it’s frequently featured in sushi rolls, which are a guilty pleasure of mine.

IMG_5201While I’ve always been a fan of guacamole, I used to make it using the Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix. Friends and acquaintances have offered their own recipes, but I’ve never taken them up on it. Fortunately, Avocados from Mexico is hosting a “Guacamole Bowl” where fans are invited to share their own guacamole recipes via social media for all to enjoy. In addition to their “Guacamole Bowl” challenge, Avocados from Mexico Facebook page announced “the Ultimate Gameday Spread: buy 3 avocados from Mexico and 1 bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce and get 1 package of Mission Chips or Tortilla’s FREE!” So once I find my new winning recipe, I’ll have plenty of free chips to eat them with.

Do you have a winning guacamole recipe? Share your secret ingredient!

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