“What America (Tw)eats” Study Sheds Light on Breakfast Habits

A study conducted by the National “got milk?” Milk Mustache Campaign, in conjunction with the social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon, found that many Americans are skipping breakfast in the morning, and that the foods they eat and tweet about may be missing the mark when it comes to balanced nutrition.

The study, titled “What America (Tw)eats,” is based on more than 20 million candid tweets over the past two years that Americans pushed out about what they eat—or don’t eat—for breakfast each morning. It suggests that, based on their tweets, Americans like to talk about protein and include some nutrient-rich choices in their AM conversations, but may be too focused on foods with too much fat and no fruits or vegetables. The study also showed that there are thousands of tweets every single day about skipping breakfast, and one in five say they skip due to lack of time to prepare or eat a morning meal.

“Skipping breakfast can lead to mid-morning cravings that can really defeat New Year’s resolutions to eat better,” says Michelle Dudash, registered dietitian and chef for The Arizona Republic’s “Healthy Dish.” “But eating a breakfast with protein can help keep you fuller, longer so you’re more likely to see resolution success in 2014. Milk has 8 grams of high-quality protein in each 8-oz glass. ”

According to the study, the top breakfast foods most tweeted about are bacon, eggs, pancakes and toast; and more surprising, there are more than 100,000 tweets about eating cake or chocolate for breakfast, and another 200,000 tweets about pizza.

The study found more than 15,000 tweets about running out of milk, and many complain of pouring a bowl of cereal only to find the milk gallon empty. Nevada, New York and Rhode Island residents are the most likely to run out of milk (these states have the most tweets about running out of milk per capita).

The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” Campaign is helping Americans address that with the chance for 2,000 people daily to receive a buy one, get one free milk coupon. The promotion – at GotMilkGotProtein.com – is designed to encourage Americans to get into a healthy routine by starting each morning with milk’s high-quality protein. You can enter each day to instantly see if you’re one of the day’s 2,000 winners at GotMilkGotProtein.com between now and Feb. 17 at 11 am EST.

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