Zac Efron: Dairy Aisle Daredevil

Zac Efron was seen skateboarding through a Los Feliz, Calif. grocery store this past Sunday. While celebrities have been known to pull some crazy stunts when they have a new movie to promote, it’s probably best that Efron kept it G-rated; 2013 was a rough year for the recently-sober star. Efron, whose original claim to fame was 2006’s High School Musical, is currently promoting That Awkward Moment, a buddy comedy which premiers at the end of this month.

Dressed in a denim tuxedo, a beanie cap, sunglasses and a pair of TOMS the actor coasted up and down the aisles of the grocery store on his longboard (a style of skateboard that is built for speed) as if to say, “catch me if you can” to the paparazzi. Whether or not it was Efron’s intention to get photographed, we may never know. Either way, the image is making the rounds on the celebrity news sites.

In one picture he’s carrying a shopping basket in one hand with his other hand in his front pocket while skateboarding; probably not the best move for a guy who recently received stitches and had his jaw wired shut after tripping and breaking it. When I was six I tripped while I was walking up the stairs with my hands in my pockets and sliced open my chin. Thankfully, I didn’t need my jaw wired shut, but I did learn my lesson. I guess Efron, like so many other bad boys of Hollywood, still hasn’t learned his.

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