GMDC Announces Top 10 Showcase Products at the 2014 NGA Show

The Global Market Development Center (GMDC) has announced the Top 10 Showcase Products of the GMDC Pavilion Showcase featured at the National Grocers Association’s (NGA) 2014 NGA Show.

The 2014 NGA Show, was held Feb. 9 – 12 in Las Vegas, Nev., and offered GMDC and its members the opportunity to bring The GMDC Showcase to NGA’s Expo Floor.

The 3,000-square foot GMDC pavilion allowed GMDC members to highlight their newest lines and to promote both general merchandise and health beauty wellness products and categories. NGA retailers and wholesalers were able to study and compare new products and supplier offerings during the pre-ordering process. The NGA attendees walked the pavilion reviewing products in various merchandising vehicles and scanning the ones they were most interested in. Products ranged in variety from floor and counter-top displays to pallet programs, clip strips and single retail items.

Concluding the NGA Show, GMDC tallied the Showcase’s scanned items, which consisted of over 117 entries from 85 companies, and the top 10 scanned items resulted in the following:

1. Fun Time Inflation Station by MegaFun USA
MegaFun is a North American manufacturer in the toy and gift industry of glass toy marbles and Payaso play balls and jumping balls. The FunTime Inflation Station features a proprietary 8.5-inch Play Balls called Inflate-A-Balls. Customers get to choose and inflate their own Inflate-A-Ball on the spot, at the store.

2. Oenophilia EmPOURium by Oenophilia 
To help make the most of that valuable real estate and achieve the highest profit return, Oenophilia created the Oenophilia EmPOURium with the needs of retailers in mind. It can accommodate up to 55 items with a small footprint: 18-inches in diameter and 72-inches tall.

3. The Cappy by Cappy
The Cappy functions as a beverage can closer and opener and is available in 12 distinctive colors. According to Cappy, these colors identify ownership while The Cappy extends freshness/carbonation, keeps the drinking surface clean, protects the integrity of the beverage and reduces spills.

4. As Seen on TV by L & R Distributors 
L&R Distributors presented the latest items from the As Seen on TV category with planograms ranging from three-feet to 12-feet. “We break cases, so you can have the variety without excess inventory,” company officials say.

5. Enoz Fruit Fly Trap by Willert Home Products
“With Willert’s commitment to keeping your home pest-free, their Enoz Fruit Fly Traps is 2 to 1 more effective at attracting and killing than the #1 brand,” officials for the company say. Easy to use, just pull and fill, the trap is sealed for product stability. The traps are non-Toxic, safe for kids and pets, and last up to 30 days.

6. Lifestyle Wine & Bar Tool Line by True Fabrications
True Fabrications is a wine lifestyle brand known by retailers for their wine chiller and wine aerator.

7. Printed Cell Cases by Novelty Inc.
Another Novelty winner, this is one in a series of cell case floor displays. This display contains sizes for popular phones such as iPhone 4G, iPhone 5G, and Samsung Galaxy S III. The large variety of designs includes camo, retro, inspirational, youthful and more.

8. Chia Omega 3 Chia Seeds by Joseph Enterprises 
Chia Omega 3 Chia Seeds are a source of ALA Omega-3, promoting heart  and digestive health while providing fiber, calcium, protein and antioxidants.

9. The Ove Glove by Joseph Enterprises 
The Ove Glove Hot Surface now features non-slip silicone grip. The glove can withstand heat up to 540 degrees F. Made of Kevlar and Nomex by Dupont, the Ove Glove provides high heat protection and flame resistance. It is machine washable.

Three way Tie for 10th Place:
10. Tub of Towels Specialty Wipes by Federal Process
Conveniently sized to fit in a toolbox or glove compartment, Tub of Towels Specialty Wipes are formulated to knock out grime and grease at the garage or track.

10. Rubbermaid Lunch Box by Newell Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid LunchBlox modular containers snap together in multiple configurations to efficiently use the space in a lunch box or bag. The lunch stays chilled with snap in Blue Ice.

10. 6-Bin Technology Center by Tell Industries
The 6-Bin Technology Center features six high quality/high margin tech accessories for cell phones or tablets. The 6-inch by 8-inch display is ideal for countertop placement and has been a proven winner when placed near the register at checkout, Tell Industries officials say.

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