Klondike Brands Ads Recognized by Idaho Advertising Federation

The Idaho Advertising Federation recently presented I.E. Productions, an Idaho Falls Multimedia Advertising agency with a 1st Award in the Magazine Category for a series of print ads they produced for Potandon Produce’s Klondike Brands potatoes.

The ads were collectively titled “A New Twist” and featured an innovative new potato recipe based on two well-known potato dishes, Baked Potatoes and Scalloped Potatoes. Research has shown that younger consumers are looking to update their parent’s recipes by adding new presentation and flavor profiles to traditional dishes. Potandon leveraged that research by adding exciting new flavors and a unique look to these recipes. Barbara Keckler, marketing manager, was the creative force behind this campaign bringing the conceptual ideas and recipe creation.

Potandon Produce’s winning partnership with IE Productions goes back several years, with an award in 2013 for Potandon’s cookbook, The Culinary Guide to Klondike Potatoes, and in 2012 for its innovative Green Giant Fresh Social and Sustainability ad campaign.




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