It’s in His Fridge

Cher may have sang, “It’s in his kiss,” but John Stonehill believes that it’s in his fridge. You see, Stonehill is an R.D.E. – a Refrigerator Dating Expert. As he explains on his website, Check their Fridge, he believes that, “Checking someone’s fridge offers great insight into who someone is as a person and what type of personality they have. Archetypes exist for a reason.” Readers simply submit photos of their love interest’s ice box to the website and Stonehill provides a “cheat sheet” that will allow them to see into their relationship future.

The reviews, which are also quite witty, are broken into categories: Male Fridges, Female Fridges, BGLT Fridges, Must Date, Maybe Date, Never Date and Date Tip Tuesday where he breaks up the breakdowns by offering “Dating Advice for Beyond the Fridge.” Stonehill judges everything from brands of condiments to the pots and plastic containers that leftovers are stored in and even the make and model of the refrigerator itself (I take issue with this part of his analysis – what about renters like myself? Or people who lucked into buying a house with a brand new fridge?).

An empty fridge says your partner is afraid of commitment, a disorganized fridge reflects a chaotic lifestyle and stocking your sweetie’s favorites says you’re making room for them in your life. Stonehill also says that champagne in your fridge means that you’re ready to party at any time – I think this man may be onto something.

Stonehill has been a guest on a variety of radio and television shows – he was even a guest on The Chew! While he seems a bit skeptical on the surface, he’s actually a big softie. He hates Valentine’s Day, but for the same reasons I do – the forced nature of it paired with commercialization. That doesn’t mean he won’t celebrate with his wife though.

Much like me and my S.O., Stonehill and his wife will be cooking at home this Valentine’s Day. I wonder if he’s already stocked the fridge…

Kim takes a shot of her neighbor’s fridge. What do you think it would say about him? (He is single.)


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