KettlePop Will Be Popping Up Organic Kettle Corn Snacks at Expo West

bag2 (1)Popcorn lovers who thought their favorite snack food couldn’t get any better may just find that conclusion turned on its head after trying KettlePop, officials for the company say. To help convince these individuals that their preferred not-so-guilty pleasure can get even tastier, KettlePop will be showcasing their Organic Sea Salt and Organic Kettle Corn at Expo West Booth #2200.

As snack foods go, popcorn is one of the healthiest, industry observers say. According to 2012 research published in USA Today, “Popcorn (is) packed with antioxidants, hidden health benefits.” That article went on to cite research conducted at the University of Scranton, which “ran a lab analysis on the content in several types and brands of popcorn and found that the crunchy hull is rich in polyphenols – antioxidants that prevent damage to cells. Polyphenols also may have disease-fighting properties.”

KettlePop wants its consumers to get optimum taste and nutritious enjoyment out of their popcorn treat, officials say. To that end, the company employs a three-stage quality assurance technique. First, it sources organic, non-GMO ingredients and works closely with farmers to ensure it’s receiving high-quality corn. Next, it hand pops each kernel in a patented fire-burning kettle. And finally, it tops the popcorn with preservative-free flavorings.

Consumers can now savor the certified Organic Sea Salt or Organic Kettle Korn variety for a suggested retail price between $2.99 and $3.99.

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