Shelton Cooks Up Five-Alarm Fire

Who doesn’t love a man who cooks? Country Superstar and coach of The Voice Blake Shelton recently released the video for his latest single, “Doin’ What She Likes.” In the video Shelton tries his hand at happy homemaking, and while the result is far from perfect, at least he tried, right?

The video opens with the singer chatting on the phone with wife Miranda Lambert; Shelton explains that he wants to “fan the flame” of their love by staying in and cooking dinner. Lambert, like any woman I know, is all for it and her honey gets started on the prep.

It’s adorable watching Shelton fumble around the kitchen; he makes frozen margaritas and the ice chunks splash the cocktail onto the counter as he pours them into expertly salt-rimmed glasses. He also cooks fresh fajitas (there’s even a shot of him kneading the dough) and burns his fingers while testing the temp of the pan.

His attempts at cleaning go a bit smoother as he polishers the dining room table and picks up the mess in the living room. He then makes his way up to the bathroom where he lights presumably the watermelon candles he’s been singing about and runs a bubble bath. As a finishing touch, he sprinkles rose petals from the front door to the… raging fire that has just burst out in the bathroom. That’s right, just when you think this joker has suddenly gone soft, you remember that this isn’t an R&B video – Shelton cuts himself off before getting too sweet.

As it turns out, the candles he lit just a few moments before were situated a bit too close to cloth curtains and so up in flames they went. Shelton continues to sing outside the house after the fire department arrives to battle the blaze. Right after a firefighter hands Blake the burnt bouquet of aforementioned roses, his wife, who was all ready to be wooed with a home cooked meal, calls to see where he is – looks like he’ll have some explaining to do over dinner.

The outrageous situation offsets the sentimental song and has us smiling at the country crooner’s comedic leanings. We’re still impressed that he tried to cook dinner, even if those flames he was fanning became literal.

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