Tillamook Launches a New Website

HomepageTo commemorate its 105th anniversary, Tillamook launched a redesigned website at Tillamook.com. The new look reflects their continued growth as a dairy brand, innovation in product development, packaging redesign and commitment to the greater ‘Tillamook family’ by providing the best possible experience for consumers.

Some of the website’s features that distinguish it from other brands include:

  • Customized Content: With a national fan base, Tillamook.com displays custom content relevant to the user based on their geographic location, time of day, day of week, etc., creating a unique experience for each visitor. (Examples: ice cream content only appears where they have ice cream distribution, Taco Tuesday content appears at 5pm on a Tuesday, etc.)
  • Sales Priorities: The new site includes a first-ever foodservice section which allows restaurant partners to easily connect with their local distributor to quickly access Tillamook products. Additionally, there is improved ‘Where to Buy’ functionality where consumers can find product close to them, or even request specific Tillamook products be carried at their local grocer.
  • Community Emphasis: In efforts to celebrate blogger and chef partners as well as consumers, families and fans, the site has a new community section featuring recipes and highlighting consumer comments.
  • Responsive Design: The new website is built to automatically adjust to any mobile devices, tablets or desktop experiences seamlessly. This way of developing websites is brand new to the CPG world and is a huge competitive differentiator.
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