“What America (Tw)eats”: Social Media Sheds Light On Breakfast Habits

MILKPEP AMERICAN BREAKFAST HABITSAn exploration of social data, entitled “What America (Tw)eats,” conducted by the National “got milk?” Milk Mustache Campaign in conjunction with social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon suggests that, based on their tweets, Americans like to talk about protein and include some nutrient-rich choices, like milk, in their AM conversations, but may be too focused on foods with too much fat, and no fruits or vegetables – if they eat breakfast at all.

The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” Campaign is helping Americans address that by giving them the chance to be one of 2,000 consumers daily to receive a buy one, get one free milk coupon. The promotion – at GotMilkGotProtein.com – is designed to encourage Americans to get into a healthy routine by starting each morning with milk’s quality protein. Milk is a natural source of quality protein to build muscle and protein, and as part of a good breakfast, can help keep consumer’s fuller, longer. Plus it has calcium and vitamin D to strengthen bones and B vitamins for energy.

Consumers can enter each day to instantly see if they are one of the day’s 2,000 winners at GotMilkGotProtein.com between now and Feb. 17 at 11 am EST.

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