Bud Light Lime Expands Ritas Franchise

Raz-ber-Rita 8oz canThe Bud Light Lime Ritas franchise is doubling. The brand is introducing two permanent flavors – Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita – as the third and fourth flavor profiles in the Bud Light Lime Ritas family, and will launch a fifth flavor – Bud Light Lime Cran-Brrr-Rita – as a  limited-time season offering  in 2013.

The brand anticipates continued success with the launch of Bud Light Lime Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita. The new Ritas are 8% alc/vol flavored malt beverages that blend Bud Light Lime with the taste of mango and raspberry margaritas, respectively.

“Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita are two of our most successful innovations to-date. They allowed us to introduce the Bud Light brand into occasions it hadn’t traditionally played in,” says Rob McCarthy, vice president, Bud Light. “We anticipate Raz-Ber-Rita and Mang-O-Rita to continue extending the brand successfully into the popular margarita space. With four permanent Rita flavors to choose from, and our new convenient mixed pack featuring them all, we’re excited to see consumers experiment and create their own “Mix-A-Rita” combinations.”

Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita are available in three pack sizes: 12-pack 8-ounce cans; four-pack 16-ounce cans; and 24-ounce individual cans. The Ritas are also available in a Mix-A-Rita 18-pack, which includes six Lime-A-Ritas, four Straw-Ber-Ritas, four Mang-O-Ritas and four Raz-Ber-Ritas.

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  1. Ebony Williams says:

    Where can I buy the 18 pack mix a Rita

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