Budweiser Cans are Ready for Baseball Season

12-oz.-Boston-RedSox-Budweiser-can-354x610Budweiser – with the help of HOF shortstop Ozzie Smith – is on a quest to make Opening Day a national holiday, with only about 40,000 signatures to go until the petition receives a formal response from the White House.

To kick off the season, the Anheuser-Busch is converting more than six million cases of Budweiser to feature the marks of MLB and 23 teams. The designs include the Boston Red Sox World Series Champions and the Minnesota Twins All-Star Game, among others. Budweiser also announced that it will launch a new local print ad campaign this season with a “Here’s to Baseball” toast specific to each team’s history.

During Opening Week next month, Budweiser will deliver more than 2,000 kegs of day-fresh draught beer to home openers across the country.

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