Pink Lady Apples Inspire Consumers to Take a Fit Approach

Pink Lady Logo Highest ResPink Lady Brand Apples and Fit Approach, a forum for inspiration, motivation, stories and friendship, announced that they are teaming up to help others achieve fitness goals and lead healthier lifestyle in honor of National Nutrition Month.

As part of this partnership, the two “blushing” brands are also hosting a #SweatPinkLady contest, which will incorporate healthy Pink Lady recipes and promote SweatPink activity.

“It takes 200 days of tender loving care to produce a Pink Lady apple, and only the very best pass the rigorous inspection tests to receive the Pink Lady classification,” says Alan Taylor, marketing director of Pink Lady America. “It’s that same commitment that’s needed year-round to ensure you’re eating well and working out. We’re thrilled to be working with Fit Approach to embody – and promote – the kind of dedication that’s needed for a healthy lifestyle.”

Fit Approach is a nationwide community of women who are dedicated to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. As a supportive group of people, including everyone from ultra-marathoners to those just beginning their fitness journeys, they not only share stories and provide inspiration and offer ideas, but Fit Approach’s certified ambassadors also teach yoga classes and boot-camps all over America.

Pink Lady is not only the first apple in the American Heart Association Food Certification Program (Heart Check Mark) and the first apple in the Guiding Stars food rating system, but it’s also the first apple to have its own color (Pink Lady Pink) from Sherwin Williams, say company officials. The brand also partners with Healthy Kids Concepts and Apple Health for Kids to provide a thousand low-income children in the fruit industry with health insurance, including preventive care.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Pink Lady apples to promote awareness around National Nutrition Month, as well as help motivate people to increase their activity levels and SweatPink,” says Jamie Walker, founder of Fit Approach. “The synergy between both brands is undeniable, as is the passion in both of our communities for healthy living, so it just made sense to spread the ‘Pink’ love.”

Click here to enter the #SweatPinkLady contest.

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