San-J’s Updates All-Natural Instant Soups

SJ-481 Soup Redesign White Miso ME.04San-J has announced two important changes to its instant White Miso and Wakame Soups: the soups now feature a redesigned package and are made with new gluten-free recipes. Both are also certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

The San-J’s White Miso or Wakame help the home chef recreate Japan’s traditional soups in an instant. Each envelope contains everything needed, and just require the addition of 8-ounces of boiling hot water. The soup packets are easy to carry, fitting into a small purse or bag for a low-calorie, anytime snack.

The company takes particular pride in its White Miso Soup recipe. Tofu and wakame seaweed are added in to warm up and it’s ready to serve with a pinch of chopped green onions tossed on top.

The Wakame Soup is based on Japan’s celebrated dried seaweed, and combines flavors from the sea and the earth, blending ocean seaweed with savory shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds and black pepper. The new Wakame recipe includes a dash of San-J’s 100% soy Tamari soy sauce. San-J’s new recipe is not only vegan, but is now certified as Gluten Free for the first time.

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