The Fresh Market Introduces Verlasso Salmon

At The Fresh Market stores across the United States, sustainability-minded seafood lovers can now choose harmoniously raised Verlasso salmon in the seafood case.

“Verlasso offers a premium salmon raised in harmony with the environment. By raising our salmon with exceptional care for both their health and the environment, we are able to provide The Fresh Market’s customers with a superior quality, delicious fish,” says Scott Nichols, Verlasso director.

According to Verlasso officials, some of the qualities of Verlasso harmonious farming practices include:

  • Verlasso reduces the dependency on wild-caught feeder fish by 75%.
  • Verlasso salmon are raised at half the pen density of traditionally farmed salmon, giving the fish room to swim.
  • Verlasso salmon are raised in harmony with nature off the coast of Patagonia in cold, clean ocean waters.
  • Verlasso follows a long fallowing cycle that gives the waters time to fully rejuvenate and recycle.
  • Verlasso equally protects the welfare of its salmon and neighboring sea life.

In 2013, The Fresh Market announced a partnership with the New England Aquarium to develop a Sustainable Seafood Policy that shapes its product sourcing decisions. The Fresh Market recognizes the increasing importance of sustainability in being able to provide customers with the highest quality seafood.

“In addition to its great taste and quality, the breakthrough farming practices of Verlasso and their commitment to protecting precious ocean resources align perfectly with our sustainable seafood policy,” says Brian Harbach, manager, Seafood Category for The Fresh Market.

Verlasso is the only ocean-raised farmed salmon with a, “Good Alternative” buy rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) Seafood Watch program, confirming the deep commitment to and track record by Verlasso of protecting ocean resources.

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