Unified’s Market Centre Launches Website

Market Centre, a subsidiary company of Unified Grocers, has launched a new website (market-centre.com) dedicated to showcasing its wide array of products and resources.  The site is designed to educate, inform and enhance relationships with retailers, suppliers and other key business partners.

In conjunction with the site’s roll out, Market Centre introduced a new logo and tagline, “A World of Difference,” which are designed to celebrate its extensive offerings in many product categories. These include ethnic, natural/organic, specialty/gourmet, confections, general merchandise, seasonal, as well as health, beauty and wellness.  Market Centre also recently introduced a new, contemporary design for its signature Natural Directions brand. This exclusive line of natural, organic and earth-friendly products currently numbers 220 SKUs with many more items in development.

“Since establishing Market Centre more than ten years ago, we have evolved and expanded into many different categories that clearly differentiate us — and our retail customers — from the competition,” said President of Market Centre, Joe Falvey. “We have one of the most comprehensive specialty offerings in the grocery industry and our new logo, tagline and website represent a new era of continued success for Market Centre.  We want our site to be an active portal for information and expert assistance for everyone we work with and serve.”

In addition to being an entry into Market Centre’s world of more than 58,000 SKUs, the site offers marketing, logistics, social media and educational resources that are supported by the organization’s team of category experts.

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