United Fresh’s Retail Produce Marketing & Merchandising Conference to Focus on Brand Differentiation

Brand strategist Al Ries will keynote this year’s United Fresh Retail Produce Marketing & Merchandising Conference, June 12-13, immediately following United Fresh 2014 in Chicago.

“Whether Marketing 101 is the only marketing course you’ve ever taken, or you have your MBA in marketing from an elite university, you’ve studied Al Ries and the impact he has had on marketing, advertising and brand strategy,” says Roger Pepperl, Stemilt Growers, and Chairman of United’s Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council. “Al Ries is one of the most influential figures in marketing history, and we are honored to have him keynote our conference.

This year’s conference kicks off Thursday night with a one-of-a-kind experience at Eataly, Chicago’s new fresh food destination marketplace. Conference attendees will be provided a $50 gift card for Eataly, where they can sample foods at a variety of sit-down foodservice tables, prepared grab and go food options, and beverage selections to enjoy while touring a venue unlike any other. Attendees can drop by Eataly throughout the evening to enjoy their own dinner, watch how consumers interact with produce and other foods in this setting, and mingle with other conference attendees. In addition, Eataly management will speak at the conference lunch on Friday to discuss how fresh produce supports the Eataly brand experience.

Conference business sessions convene Friday morning bringing together marketing professionals from throughout the produce supply chain to focus on the role of branding in fresh produce. Attendees will participate in four sessions throughout the day, each examining a different element of branding:

Session 1 – Building Brand Awareness/Purchase Intent with the Consumer
Session 2 – Product Design and Packaging to Create Brand Recognition
Session 3 – Point of Sale and In-Store Merchandising to Drive Brand Purchase
Session 4 – Engaging the Consumer Post Purchase to Drive Repeat Demand

In each session, a marketing expert will kick off the discussion with a state-of-the-art review of the topic, which will then be followed by a panel of produce industry marketing pros discussing how the topic plays out in the fresh produce sector. “We believe hearing from these broad marketing experts will stimulate creative thinking for our members, who can then look back inward to the produce environment to see how different strategies might apply in our sector,” says Cindy Jewell, California Giant Berry Farms and Vice Chairman of United’s Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council. “We know fresh produce is unique, but we also want to think creatively beyond our own marketing traditions.”

Registration for the Retail Produce Marketing & Merchandising Conference is included in the All Access registration for United Fresh 2014, which includes all general sessions, meals and networking events, educational programs and admission to the United Fresh Marketplace, FreshTech, and FMI expos. Conference registration can also be purchased separately as a stand-alone event, including trade show admission.

For a complete schedule of events and speakers, visit www.UnitedFreshShow.org.

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